About Access Internet

About Access Internet

We deliver reliable, high-speed Internet for businesses to increase productivity and surpass their goals.
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We deliver reliable, high-speed Internet services.

14Years’ Experience in Internet Provision

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Access and Content Limited is a Fiber Internet Service Provider that delivers superior Internet connectivity services to government agencies, corporations, and businesses across Nigeria. We have dedicated years to understanding the Internet connectivity in Nigeria, and we have a dogged, professional team who work towards achieving a solution to dragging latent Internet connection.

Why Choose Us

Solutions Made Just For You
Our Broadband services are customized to meet the specific connection needs of your organization. We provide bandwidth capacity that meets the requirements of your highest data-consuming tasks.
Accessible Technical Support
Our highly-trained technical team are always available to ensure that all technical issues are swiftly resolved with minimal stress on your part. We are proactive with network management and our customers are duly notified ahead of maintenance routines that could affect their connection.
Advanced Monitoring
Our automated network monitoring helps us to ensure that you get the value for your money, and our team works in synergy with in-house network administrators to view Internet bandwidth consumption and take appropriate action when necessary.
Long-Term Infrastructure
We keep upgrading to better the quality of our service and to deliver Broadband speed that not only meets your current needs but also helps you easily adapt to the demands of emerging technology.
Downtime Repayment
We strive to prevent downtimes and maintain very low latency on our network, but if you have downtimes on your connection, we compensate for the inactive period. This way, you get 100% value for money.
Save money
Our pricing plans are optimized to grow with your business. The more bandwidth you buy, the cheaper the per Mbps rate. You get more speed to get work done faster for a lot less money.


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